UBS and TrustAfrica launch pioneering report on philanthropy in Africa by Africans

“Africa’s Wealthy Give Back” sheds light on what is currently happening and provides recommendations on how the sector can best allocate growing resources to ensure that Africa’s potential is fulfilled. According to the study, African philanthropists have a unique connection to the causes they support. Their personal history or the challenges they see around them shape their philanthropic activities.

The UBS Philanthropy Compass

Silvia Bastante de Unverhau of UBS previews the UBS Philanthropy Compass, a new tool set to launch at WINGSForum 2014 that will help philanthropists become more impactful through a structured, personal approach. “UBS wants to play an important role in developing best practice in the philanthropy sector. It is in this spirit that we are sharing the Philanthropy Compass and hope that it can be a valuable resource.”