New African Giving Knowledge Base from TrustAfrica

This ongoing collaboration between TrustAfrica and IssueLab, a service of the Foundation Center, will enable a better understanding of the nature of giving in Africa, encourage more widespread and cross-sectoral analysis of the gaps in our knowledge, and serve as a platform from which to develop new knowledge and as a basis for refining and adding to the discourse on African giving.

UBS and TrustAfrica launch pioneering report on philanthropy in Africa by Africans

“Africa’s Wealthy Give Back” sheds light on what is currently happening and provides recommendations on how the sector can best allocate growing resources to ensure that Africa’s potential is fulfilled. According to the study, African philanthropists have a unique connection to the causes they support. Their personal history or the challenges they see around them shape their philanthropic activities.

TrustAfrica — interview with Akwasi Aidoo and Tendai Murisa

The unburied dead, small change and the questionability of old men’s wisdom: on the eve of stepping down as executive director of TrustAfrica, an organization he founded some eight years ago, these are among the preoccupations of Akwasi Aidoo. Caroline Hartnell (Alliance magazine) talked to him and to his successor, Tendai Murisa, about how each sees the change and what lies ahead for African foundations.

New Report: Of Narratives, Networks and New Spaces

Halima Mahomed (TrustAfrica, PSJP) presents her new report—Of Narratives, Networks and New Spaces: A Baseline Mapping of the African Philanthropy Infrastructure Sector. “Poor visibility of the sector and the limitations of existing frameworks in reflecting adequately its value, role and impact have been cited as important issues, as is the necessity of developing strong communications strategies to help profile and build awareness of the work.”

January eNews: Women In Philanthropy

This month we explore one of six plenaries for WINGSForum—women in philanthropy. We look at regional cross border trade, philanthropy during national transitions, and the impact of women’s rights movements, along with new articles from Barbara Ibrahim, Ruth Jones, and CAF’s Adam Pickering. We also take a special look at gender and agency in Africa…