Jeremy Nicholls — There are two possible ways for impact measurement to evolve

Following a meeting in Berlin on SROI, we asked Jeremy Nicholls (Social Value International), for his thoughts on how impact measurement might evolve over the next 15 years. “Under either scenario organisations are likely to continue to shift focus from outputs to outcomes and adopt mixed methods, using qualitative information as a basis for quantification of outcomes.”

How networking leads to powerful results

Lourdes Sanz-Moguel of CEMEFI reflects on WINGSForum 2014 and the importance of communicating the benefits of networking. “Understanding the network and its power is especially important for WINGS members that are membership associations, because it provides a set of insights they can pass down to their own membership, in order to continue the work and inspire new levels of commitment.”

Ben Carpenter—Global Value Exchange takes crowdsourcing to the next level

The SROI Network’s open source database empowers users by giving them a voice to share their experiences, allowing them to become the creators of knowledge. We caught up with Ben Carpenter, Information Researcher and Coordinator for Social Accountability at The SROI Network, to find out how WINGS members and other organizations around the world can use the tool to track and share the value of their work.

New WINGS members on data in the social sector

WINGS is the only worldwide network representing and serving the broad community of grantmakers, foundations and philanthropy-support organisations, and our membership determines our future development and achievements. Results from our 2013 membership campaign show increasing support for what we do—currently 65 dues paying member organisations from 33 countries, and new members continue to join, bringing fresh input and ideas to the network. We asked a few new WINGS member organisations to give us their take on the topic that’s engulfing the social sector—data.

WINGS webinar » social return on investment

Interest and use of SROI is growing as a way of accounting for and managing the social economic and environmental value of an organisation’s work. The SROI Network is an international membership organisation supporting the development and consistent use of SROI. How can we account for the wider value of our work in a way…