Learnings From The SDG Transformation Forum

  Adam Pickering, International Policy Manager at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) represented WINGS at the SDG Transformation Forum, a side event of Transformations 2017 in Dundee, Scotland on the 2nd of September. The purpose of the event was to bring a diverse range of experts from different fields to support collaborative action to attempt to…

Philanthropy’s Difficult Dance With Inequality

Brad Smith (Foundation Center): “Inequality is an inescapable fact of our world: while extreme poverty in many regions of the globe may be declining, recent research suggests that the gap between rich and poor is fast becoming a growing threat to peace, economic prosperity, the environment, public health, democracy and just about any other major challenge you can name. Indeed, one of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals developed by seventy nations (with the direct participation of 7.5 million people around the world) is to ‘reduce inequality within and among nations.’ So, why don’t more foundations embrace the term?”

Distributed communication can help us reach our Sustainable Development Goals

Chris Delatorre (WINGS) reports on the International Conference on Social Media for Good, linking the Post-2015 Agenda and the concept of diffuse collaboration to a new framework for distributed social networking. “If diffuse reciprocity represents the exchange of items of nonequivalent value, then distributed social technology is the best substrate for realizing a system in which every contribution, large and small, is recognized within a greater ecosystem of social reality and practice, and met with gratitude.”

A thematic forum for the social transformation of our societies

The topic of this year’s World Bicycle Forum, “Cities for All”, placed the bicycle as a social transformation tool and a solution to deep issues like inequality, urban mobility and gender. Celebrated annually, the forum is the largest global event promoting the bicycle in all its forms, and completely organized by civil society for citizens.