PLE on Local Cultures of Giving: Old Traditions, Current Contexts, and Emerging Trends

WINGS, in partnership with Southern Africa Trust and Southern Africa Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum, hosted a Peer Learning Event (PLE) on local cultures of giving in Johannesburg in November. The main purpose of the event was to bring awareness of the need to reveal trends and document stories, old and new, from all regions in the effort of creating a truly global philanthropy enriched with diversity. To expand the scope of the PLE, WINGS is hosting a new members-only Local Cultures of Giving forum online.

A move towards innovative philanthropy

Business leaders who spend the time to work around increasing reporting structures, marketing plans and accountability also step up to look at the challenges of the non-profit sector from a different angle, and suggest more investment in moving small income-generating projects to scale and encourage enterprise development. Once again we experience the move away from traditional forms of philanthropy, charitable contributions and a move towards innovative forms of philanthropy that leverage the unique skills of company leaders. Article by Tina Thiart.