Nelson Mandela 1918-2013, Hamba kahle Madiba

Nelson Mandela stood for equality and justice and honor, and by example showed us the power of humility and forgiveness. We should honor him, now and always, by continuing his life’s work through increased empathy, collaboration and peacebuilding throughout the world.

A Lesson In Astronomy—Why Post 2015 could be an opportunity to rethink the Milky Way

What makes for the success of a side event to the UN General Assembly, at a time when world leaders are discussing the contours of a new development framework and are expected to sign an “outcome document” on post-2015? What do we, as representatives of the philanthropic sector, want out of this important event: high level attendance? Stimulating discussions? A sense that key challenges are being unfolded and dissected to help us walk the talk? Surely, all of the above would be good. Yet, this time, my metrics for success will be linked to our ability to redefine the way we look at the Milky Way of development. Article by Bathylle Missika

Global Development After 2015: Agenda

On Friday 27 September in New York, WINGS will join the United Nations Development Programme, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, OECD netFWD and the European Foundation Centre in a conversation on how civil society and foundations can influence the next global development agenda and spur coordinated action to advance new goals. See the agenda here.

Live from the Social Good Summit

The Rockefeller Foundation is honored to participate in the fourth annual Social Good Summit—a unique convening of world leaders, technology pioneers and grassroots innovators—to explore how today’s use of digital technology for social good can build a better future.