Asian appetite for philanthropy spurs new methods

Philanthropic giving in Asia is on the increase, undoubtedly linked to the region’s sustained growth and also its rising wealth. Emma Hanley (ActionAid International) calls this “an exciting and crucial time for philanthropy in the region”, bringing attention to bodies that encourage and nurture philanthropy and volunteerism, like the NVPC.

Philanthropy — beyond Asia

Carl L. Liederman, CEO of LIEDERSHIP, an independent strategic advisory, reflects on the recent Philanthropy In Asia Summit. “Philanthropy is a global phenomenon with regional variations. It is a rare summit when you depart with true knowledge sharing—that is, learning regional lessons that can be applied globally, and vice-versa.”

Better knowledge of giving promotes a culture of transparency

Esther Tan, assistant director for NVPC, makes the case for foundations to contribute their data for public good. “Data as a public good brings many benefits to the civic sector, according to proponents of open data; it promotes transparency, enhances visibility of the sector’s work, and gives a clearer picture of foundations’ work and how it fits into the existing philanthropic development landscape.”