A global take on grantmaking

Grantmaking and grantmakers are at the root of the WINGS global network. For a special issue of Alliance magazine, we surveyed our network participants from every region around the world to better understand the views of membership associations and support organizations on the importance of grantmaking. WINGS’ Helena Monteiro and Ana Pinho report.

Funding advocacy in Brazil

A seminar took place in São Paulo from 4th to 5th April to present research findings on how advocacy activities of civil society organisations in Brazil are funded. The emergence of community foundations and other funds, as well as a potential to motivate individual donors (especially through social networks, crowdfunding or face to face) point to a more diverse field in the future.

The Globalisation of Private Social Investment—Interview with Helena Monteiro

Founded in late 1990, WINGS was born as an offshoot of lively discussions on the place and future of social investment in the world, which took place in international meetings in which the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises (GIFE), an association of private social investors in Brazil, played a leading role. Headquartered in São Paulo since 2011, WINGS is in a privileged position to speak about the state of the art of their field of action. That’s what the following interview is about, conducted by the Institute C&A’s website with the executive director of WINGS, Helena Monteiro.