IHRFG launches new donor working group and releases new research on the state of human rights grantmaking

The formation of IHRFG’s new International Grants Operations Working Group was introduced at a recent workshop in Berlin. The new initiative aims to bridge the gap between operations teams and programmatic staff navigating cross-border funding restrictions. Meanwhile, new research on the state of human rights grantmaking builds on previous reports to analyze funding flows for human rights by region, issue area, and population.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Data Post-2015

Brad Smith (Foundation Center) and Helena Monteiro (WINGS) led a recent session on data at the Ford Foundation that looked at how current projects like the Global Philanthropy Data Charter can help give an accurate picture of development progress. Angela Hariche, Foundation Center’s director of international data relations, reports.

Data moves us beyond anecdote — new Advancing Human Rights tools are great news for funders

IHRFG and the Foundation Center recently launched new tools to support the work of human rights grantmakers, including the first-ever interactive website about global human rights grantmaking, and a new report that examines funding flows for human rights by issue, population, and region. We asked Christen Dobson, research and policy program director for IHRFG, to walk us through new features and explain how data can move us “beyond anecdote”.

Philanthropy, human rights and emerging powers

In May, the IHRFG brought together in Rio a diverse group of people to talk about how emerging economies affect giving, specifically for human rights and social justice. “Initiatives like the IHRFG’s to bring these players together and discuss possibilities can help shape a future marked by growing local philanthropy and global partnerships.” WINGS’ Ana Borges Pinho reports.

Are grantmaker associations improving social good?

Christen Dobson, program director for International Human Rights Funders Group, asks grantmaker associations if they are acting in line with their missions. “Many associations aim to support progressive social change, yet how have we contributed to addressing the most acute problems plaguing our societies? How have we contributed to creating a more just and equitable world?”

Jeff Falkenstein—philanthropy taxonomy needs your help

The Foundation Center is inviting the sector to give feedback on proposed changes to its Philanthropy Classification System by 23rd May. In our latest interview Jeff Falkenstein, the Center’s Vice President for Data Architecture, explains why an extensive taxonomy is good for the sector, and how developing global partnerships is key. “We have a lot to learn from our global partners, who each bring a valuable perspective that will help improve communication, collaboration, and knowledge generation about global philanthropy.”

January eNews: Women In Philanthropy

This month we explore one of six plenaries for WINGSForum—women in philanthropy. We look at regional cross border trade, philanthropy during national transitions, and the impact of women’s rights movements, along with new articles from Barbara Ibrahim, Ruth Jones, and CAF’s Adam Pickering. We also take a special look at gender and agency in Africa…

New grantmaker tools focus on human rights and social change philanthropy

The International Human Rights Funders Group and the Foundation Center have launched the first-ever effort to track the evolving state of global human rights funding and to create a set of powerful, interactive data and research tools to help rights funders and advocates increase their effectiveness. The partnership has released two tools grantmakers can use to analyse funding streams, inform their strategic planning, identify potential grantees, and more.

Foundation Center, IHRFG release new “Advancing Human Rights” tools for funders

A partnership between the Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) has produced the first data-driven portrait of how foundations are advancing human rights around the world. According to new research released today by the two organizations, over 12,000 human rights grants supported more than 6,800 organizations worldwide, amounting to $1.2 billion in 2010. Advancing Human Rights: The State of Global Foundation Grantmaking confirms that human rights philanthropy is a global phenomenon: the 703 funders included in the analysis represent 29 countries across seven major world regions.