A framework to communicate philanthropy

The Foundation Center is currently undertaking the challenge of devising a language that can be used by philanthropic organizations around the world to tell the important story of their work. The sector is invited to give feedback on proposed changes to the Center’s Philanthropy Classification System by Friday, 23rd May.

Jeff Falkenstein—philanthropy taxonomy needs your help

The Foundation Center is inviting the sector to give feedback on proposed changes to its Philanthropy Classification System by 23rd May. In our latest interview Jeff Falkenstein, the Center’s Vice President for Data Architecture, explains why an extensive taxonomy is good for the sector, and how developing global partnerships is key. “We have a lot to learn from our global partners, who each bring a valuable perspective that will help improve communication, collaboration, and knowledge generation about global philanthropy.”

The “Medium Data” Alliance between Guidestar and the Foundation Center

Last month, Guidestar and the Foundation Center announced a strategic partnership between the two leading sources of data on nonprofits and foundations. The buzzwords of “partnership,” “alliance,” “capacity,” “effectiveness,” and “innovative” are pretty common to everyone’s new business plan, but in this case, with Guidestar’s Jacob Harold and the Foundation Center’s Brad Smith driving the dynamic, there might be something happening worth watching and using. Article by Rick Cohen.

Global data for better philanthropy

As we move from an industrial to an information age, data is becoming a key to success across all sectors in society. The collection, organisation and use of data can unlock a myriad of possibilities, strengthen strategies and ultimately improve outcomes. Using data smartly can be an effective tool to tackle issues recurrently faced by the philanthropic sector, such as resource allocation, needs assessment, impact and evaluation. Using data however is not as simple as it may look. Turning it into reliable, comparable and accessible information can be a lengthy and costly process. Article by Ana Pinho and Patrick Collins.

A Global Engagement—Reflections from COF Vision and Action

As technology continues to advance at what seems like lightning speed, the world around us becomes smaller and more interconnected, affecting everything from business to politics to entertainment, all the way to philanthropy. Some feel that philanthropy has some catching up to do in this new global, data-driven age. The Council on Foundations addressed this at its 2013 Annual Conference, Vision and Action.