Philanthropy — beyond Asia

Carl L. Liederman, CEO of LIEDERSHIP, an independent strategic advisory, reflects on the recent Philanthropy In Asia Summit. “Philanthropy is a global phenomenon with regional variations. It is a rare summit when you depart with true knowledge sharing—that is, learning regional lessons that can be applied globally, and vice-versa.”

African Philanthropy Forum convenes in Ethiopia

Over one hundred African donors and foundation professionals gathered in February to celebrate the growth and innovation of social investing across the African continent. Many of the founders of APF are veterans of the Global Philanthropy Forum in the United States, who felt their field would benefit from a focus on the unique cultures and emerging market conditions in Africa today. Article by Barbara Ibrahim.

The Power of Networks—Building connected global philanthropy

Global networks like ours cultivate the spirit of innovation through connected and informed leadership. This is why WINGSForum is so important, and why it’s been a success for the last 15 years. Now you can join us on the Road to Istanbul: A journey through networked philanthropy—our new web series that explores some of what we’ll cover in Istanbul in March. WINGSForum 2014: The Power of Networks is about innovation, leadership and community. Are you in?

Participating in a global community helps you innovate locally

The Global Philanthropy Forum, a community of nearly 1,800 donors and social investors, has held its 2013 conference in the middle of April in San Francisco. The event focused on debating ongoing issues like hunger, disease, joblessness and slavery, and how the digital revolution allows philanthropy to target its interventions with greater precision and innovate more than ever. Article by Paula Jancso Fabiani.

Global Philanthropy Forum launches new affiliate in Africa

From “African Philanthropy Forum Launched to Promote Inclusive Development on the Continent” (The Wall Street Journal): The Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF) announced today the formation of its most recent regional affiliate, the African Philanthropy Forum (APF). Like the GPF, the APF will take the form of a peer-learning network of philanthropists—grant-makers and social investors—committed to…