Charity law in China

Karla Simon (ICCSL) reports for Alliance magazine: “While Chinese public security officials are wary of foreign charities, the academics point out that foreign charities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation give great assistance in certain funding areas in China, such as health care.”

Social Impact Investment in Latin America — Lessons From Colombia

“Philanthropy is on the rise in Latin America. And, increasingly, corporate foundations, wealthy families, and high net worth individuals are getting involved in social impact investing. In a region where the government is still the default for social programs and overall philanthropy remains low, especially compared with the U.S., this is a welcome development.” Article by Gabriel Sanchez Zinny.

Bill and Melinda Gates foster philanthropy down under

Bill and Melinda Gates recently met with some of Australia’s wealthiest next gens as part of a programme to promote philanthropy among the nation’s younger high net worth individuals. The meeting was orchestrated by WINGS member Philanthropy Australia, which represents wealthy philanthropic families and their foundations, as well as corporate trusts.

A Lesson In Astronomy—Why Post 2015 could be an opportunity to rethink the Milky Way

What makes for the success of a side event to the UN General Assembly, at a time when world leaders are discussing the contours of a new development framework and are expected to sign an “outcome document” on post-2015? What do we, as representatives of the philanthropic sector, want out of this important event: high level attendance? Stimulating discussions? A sense that key challenges are being unfolded and dissected to help us walk the talk? Surely, all of the above would be good. Yet, this time, my metrics for success will be linked to our ability to redefine the way we look at the Milky Way of development. Article by Bathylle Missika

Social Good Summit Year 4: Big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions

SGS 2013 is the fourth in the series of annual gatherings whose purpose is to bring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the public on a global scale. On 24 September Mashable will host Meetups all over the world to discuss what #2030NOW means to specific communities and how their visions relate within a global context. WINGS members are encouraged to join this exciting global conversation.