Glasspockets video: Share your wealth of knowledge

“When you trade isolation for communication, you can discover new ideas, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your foundation, find new opportunities to do good and improve the trust that the public has in what you’re doing—and all of that will strengthen your foundation, improve the world, and grow your legacy even more. Make a commitment to build communities, not boundaries.”

January eNews: Women In Philanthropy

This month we explore one of six plenaries for WINGSForum—women in philanthropy. We look at regional cross border trade, philanthropy during national transitions, and the impact of women’s rights movements, along with new articles from Barbara Ibrahim, Ruth Jones, and CAF’s Adam Pickering. We also take a special look at gender and agency in Africa…

The “Medium Data” Alliance between Guidestar and the Foundation Center

Last month, Guidestar and the Foundation Center announced a strategic partnership between the two leading sources of data on nonprofits and foundations. The buzzwords of “partnership,” “alliance,” “capacity,” “effectiveness,” and “innovative” are pretty common to everyone’s new business plan, but in this case, with Guidestar’s Jacob Harold and the Foundation Center’s Brad Smith driving the dynamic, there might be something happening worth watching and using. Article by Rick Cohen.

Community Foundation Atlas will commemorate movement’s 100th year

The world’s first comprehensive atlas of the community foundation movement will provide an unprecedented opportunity for community foundations and community philanthropy organisa­tions worldwide to increase their visibility to a much wider audience including peers, policy makers and potential funders. Organisations can share their work and effectiveness by taking a brief survey.

Philanthropy and the Millennium Development Goals

Perhaps now is the time to go back and trace philanthropy’s contribution to the MDGs since their debut in 2000. That could give us a far better picture of the role our field has played to date—and can play in the future—as the world community engages in the process to define a revised set of goals for the post-2015 era. Article by Brad Smith.

Foundation Center launches free search tool

The Foundation Center has launched Foundation Directory Online (FDO) Free, a tool that dramatically expands public access to our authoritative collection of foundation information. It is completely accessible to social entrepreneurs, researchers, or anyone else who wants to know about how America’s foundations contribute to the public good. FDO Free is the newest member of…

Global data for better philanthropy

As we move from an industrial to an information age, data is becoming a key to success across all sectors in society. The collection, organisation and use of data can unlock a myriad of possibilities, strengthen strategies and ultimately improve outcomes. Using data smartly can be an effective tool to tackle issues recurrently faced by the philanthropic sector, such as resource allocation, needs assessment, impact and evaluation. Using data however is not as simple as it may look. Turning it into reliable, comparable and accessible information can be a lengthy and costly process. Article by Ana Pinho and Patrick Collins.

New grantmaker tools focus on human rights and social change philanthropy

The International Human Rights Funders Group and the Foundation Center have launched the first-ever effort to track the evolving state of global human rights funding and to create a set of powerful, interactive data and research tools to help rights funders and advocates increase their effectiveness. The partnership has released two tools grantmakers can use to analyse funding streams, inform their strategic planning, identify potential grantees, and more.

Foundation Center, IHRFG release new “Advancing Human Rights” tools for funders

A partnership between the Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) has produced the first data-driven portrait of how foundations are advancing human rights around the world. According to new research released today by the two organizations, over 12,000 human rights grants supported more than 6,800 organizations worldwide, amounting to $1.2 billion in 2010. Advancing Human Rights: The State of Global Foundation Grantmaking confirms that human rights philanthropy is a global phenomenon: the 703 funders included in the analysis represent 29 countries across seven major world regions.