Why EVPA is celebrating failures

EVPA approached several of its members to talk about their failures, an exercise in transparency that led to a recent publication that marks a “maturing and increasingly courageous sector”. CEO Kurt Peleman shares why celebrating failures is so important. “We need to embrace failure as part of what we do.”

How networking leads to powerful results

Lourdes Sanz-Moguel of CEMEFI reflects on WINGSForum 2014 and the importance of communicating the benefits of networking. “Understanding the network and its power is especially important for WINGS members that are membership associations, because it provides a set of insights they can pass down to their own membership, in order to continue the work and inspire new levels of commitment.”

Doug Miller—Every nonprofit is a business

In a 2008 interview AVPN Chairman Doug Miller likened philanthropy to “a drug which produces feelings of both fulfillment and personal happiness: the more you do, the more you want to do.” We couldn’t agree more. In February, WINGS sat down with Miller to look at the sector through a business lens, and to preview this year’s inaugural AVPN Conference—what will be the network’s first conference in Asia.