WINGS Network Monthly Update – April

News An Interview with Avila Kilmurray Interested in how you can encourage your organization, and those around you, to practice philanthropy with a deeper impact? Are organizations in your network struggling to make grantmaking decisions that engage with the root cause of the injustice they are trying to address? PSJP just published Grantmaking for Social…

Resourcing for civil society — the experience of an indigenous grant-maker

For the latest annual CIVICUS report on the state of civil society, Ambika Satkunanathan (Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust) argues that, in the context of diminishing resources for civil society, the role of indigenous grant-makers is becoming increasingly relevant, particularly where supporting work on human rights and social justice is concerned. “CSOs working on human rights and social justice issues in particular are currently facing immense challenges in continuing their work.”

Global trends in charitable giving — one step forward and two steps back

For the latest annual CIVICUS report on the state of civil society, Adam Pickering (Charities Aid Foundation) compares positive and negative trends in global giving following the latest World Giving Index. “In the same way that democracy has value to society above and beyond the policies of the governments it elects, civil society should be about more than the outputs it produces.”

Philanthropy infrastructure in a transforming world — current developments

For the latest annual CIVICUS report on the state of civil society, Helena Monteiro (WINGS) highlights the five main features of an enabling environment for philanthropy, and the role philanthropy infrastructure support organizations play in helping to achieve these conditions, even as CSOs face increased control and undue restrictions in funding. “Organizations that support philanthropy infrastructure provide a necessary support system for amplifying the effectiveness of philanthropy, and are well placed to have a powerful effect on the underlying cultural conditions that surround philanthropy.”

The case for strengthening communities

For the latest annual CIVICUS report on the state of civil society, Avila Kilmurray and Barry Knight (GFCF) bring attention to a new global development industry that “may not be fit for purpose”, calling for a more holistic approach to local challenges. “As the contribution of local people through their own CSOs is downgraded, everyone loses: development aid professionals find it difficult to attain their goals, and local people experience insurmountable obstacles in making any contribution to the wellbeing of their communities.”

David Cutler reports from WINGSForum

“The fact that the Forum was held in Istanbul was a powerful reminder that foundations are part of civil society rather than standing aloof from it. The notorious decision of the Turkish president to ban tweeting made tweeters of the most Luddite of us, to make clear that we don’t like being banned even from those freedoms that ordinarily we don’t value very much, such as speaking truth to power in 140 characters or fewer.”

video: CIVICUS 2013 State of Civil Society report

Second edition of the State of Civil Society report produced by CIVICUS, World Alliance for Citizen Participation: This report is not ours alone. The 2013 State of Civil Society report draws from nearly 50 contributions made by people active in civil society all over the world – from our members, friends, partners, supporters and others in the…