How to quantify social impact?

The reality that measuring impact is still a relatively new phenomenon means there is still insufficient data available to develop standards. However, the enthusiasm of the participants showed that the market was definitely eager to move beyond checking off outputs, and to truly understand the wider social impact of their work. Article by Stacey Choe.

AVPN blurs ‘two pockets’ into one

The inaugural Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) summit, more than any other gathering I’ve been to, provided concrete answers to the question: ‘how do business and philanthropy mix?’ Typically, they don’t. Yet social entrepreneurship, impact investing and venture philanthropy broadly blur the ‘two pockets’ into one by solving social problems with business models. If business—primarily entrepreneurship—and philanthropy blur into one pocket, the conference addressed the question: what’s the role of each? Article by Ross Baird.