Grantmakers — can you hear the call to support Africa’s small-scale farmers?

In his report from the African Grantmakers Network Assembly in Arusha, Yves Niyiragira (Fahamu) highlights grassroots initiatives that seek to promote agro-ecological policies for food security and sovereignty in Africa, calling on major grantmakers for their support. “How do we help to amplify the voices of rural women farmers who promote agro-ecological farming so that their message is heard all over the world?”

Philanthropy’s Difficult Dance With Inequality

Brad Smith (Foundation Center): “Inequality is an inescapable fact of our world: while extreme poverty in many regions of the globe may be declining, recent research suggests that the gap between rich and poor is fast becoming a growing threat to peace, economic prosperity, the environment, public health, democracy and just about any other major challenge you can name. Indeed, one of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals developed by seventy nations (with the direct participation of 7.5 million people around the world) is to ‘reduce inequality within and among nations.’ So, why don’t more foundations embrace the term?”

Diaspora philanthropy, giving effectively across borders and emerging trends in global philanthropy

Otar Makharashavili (Bolder Giving) reports on a recent webinar cohosted with WINGS, as part of the organization’s Global Givers Initiative, which aims to advance philanthropic giving by promoting donor awareness and action in Southeastern Europe through donor storytelling. “The lack of trust in civil society and the NGO sector in general continues to be the biggest roadblock for groups working on local individual philanthropy promotion.”

Interview with Laurence Lien

Laurence Lien, former CEO of NVPC, on his latest venture, the Asia Philanthropy Circle. “We hope to mobilize philanthropists in Asia, for the purpose of learning, sharing, exchange and joint action.”