Distributed communication can help us reach our Sustainable Development Goals

Chris Delatorre (WINGS) reports on the International Conference on Social Media for Good, linking the Post-2015 Agenda and the concept of diffuse collaboration to a new framework for distributed social networking. “If diffuse reciprocity represents the exchange of items of nonequivalent value, then distributed social technology is the best substrate for realizing a system in which every contribution, large and small, is recognized within a greater ecosystem of social reality and practice, and met with gratitude.”

Generation next: there is no single story

Niamani Mutima (AGAG) recaps this year’s annual conference for the organization’s 15th anniversary. “‘Generation Next: Young People Shaping Africa’s Future’ was a timely topic, but ‘youth’ is a complex term, and even if you narrow down the age range — in this case 15 to 30 — it’s still challenging for grantmakers to figure out the best approach to match their foundation’s mission.”

Niamani Mutima — Responsive philanthropy for African communities

Niamani Mutima, executive director of Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group, describes the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa as affecting “a range of interconnected social systems, from governance to education to food security”. For our latest interview, we asked Mutima for her view on responsive philanthropy, and to share how AGAG plans to bring needed attention to the network of organizations working with the local communities most affected by the outbreak.