Latin America’s legal and fiscal environment for Philanthropy and Private Social Investment: a preliminary view of Colombia

One of the main challenges for the sector in Latin America is strengthening the role of donors — these being foundations, individuals and private social investors. WINGS is working on developing country profiles with basic information on the legal and fiscal environment for philanthropy and private social investment in the region. We asked Carolina Suarez (AFE) for an overview of the legal status of the sector there, and the country’s current legal environment.

Challenges and trends in private social investment and philanthropy in Colombia

WINGS member AFE held four focus group discussions from 19 to 22 August in the four largest Colombian cities: Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali and Medellin. The purpose was to reflect upon the challenges in private social investment and philanthropy. This is part of a wider study in Latin America covering Colombia, Brazil and Argentina that is being carried out by GIFE, CEMEFI, GDFA and AFE, with the support of AVINA Foundation and the Inter American Bank Foundation, and the active participation of WINGS. Atallah Kuttab (SAANED) and Maria Carolina Suarez (AFE) recently shared key impressions ahead of a more detailed report.

Social Impact Investment in Latin America — Lessons From Colombia

“Philanthropy is on the rise in Latin America. And, increasingly, corporate foundations, wealthy families, and high net worth individuals are getting involved in social impact investing. In a region where the government is still the default for social programs and overall philanthropy remains low, especially compared with the U.S., this is a welcome development.” Article by Gabriel Sanchez Zinny.

WINGS webinar » private social investment

Grantmaker and grantseeker, foundation and NGO. These are fairly common and well-established concepts in the philanthropic sector. In countries where legislation is clear and the sector is more developed, organizations roles, and therefore identities, are generally well-defined. However, in countries where there is no clear legislation on private philanthropy, the line between grantmaking and running…