WINGSForum Day Two

Find out what the delegates got up to at WINGSForum 2017 by checking out our Storify here. You can follow along for the final day on Twitter at @WINGS_Info and let us know your thoughts by using the #CriticalPhilanthropy and #WINGSForum hashtags!

WINGSForum Day One

Find out what we got up to on the first day of WINGSForum 2017 by checking out our Storify! Be sure to follow along on Twitter at @WINGS_Info and let us know your thoughts by using the #CriticalPhilanthropy and #WINGSForum hashtags.  

WINGSForum Livestream

Couldn’t make it to Mexico City for WINGSForum? Make sure you catch the plenary sessions which will be livestreamed! Simply follow the link here, and let us know what you think by tweeting at us at @WINGS_info using the #CriticalPhilanthropy and #WINGSForum hashtags.    

WINGSForum 2017: An Interview with Jenny Hodgson

    We caught up with one of the WINGSForum speakers and Chair of the Planning Committee, Jenny Hodgson. Hodgson is currently the Executive Director of the Global Fund for Community Foundations, having joined the organisation in January 2007. She has worked in the field of local philanthropy development in the former Soviet Union, sub-Saharan Africa and…

WingsForum 2017: 5 Minutes with Barry Knight!

In the run up to WingsForum 2017, we spoke to Barry Knight, Director at the Webb Memorial Trust, about the previous WingsForum conference. You did an evaluative report on WINGSForum 2014. What do you think is the Forum’s greatest strength? Having evaluated more than 20 large conferences in philanthropy over the past two decades, WINGSForum…

WINGSForum 2017: Call for Proposals

We’re looking to hear from you, and are welcoming proposals for WINGSForum 2017. To find out more, be sure to visit the official WINGSForum website here, and apply today! Looking forward to hearing from you, and be sure to follow the #WF2017 hashtag on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news!

David Cutler reports from WINGSForum

“The fact that the Forum was held in Istanbul was a powerful reminder that foundations are part of civil society rather than standing aloof from it. The notorious decision of the Turkish president to ban tweeting made tweeters of the most Luddite of us, to make clear that we don’t like being banned even from those freedoms that ordinarily we don’t value very much, such as speaking truth to power in 140 characters or fewer.”

The power of networks, locally and globally

In our latest WINGSForum 2014 reaction piece, Ansis Bērziņš of the Community Foundation Movement in Latvia emphasises the role of data in strengthening community identity. “Reliable data is a tool that explains what philanthropy is, what grantmakers do, and how these concepts can contribute to local communities. Data can and does show that we are not alone.”