Philanthropy Infrastructure at a Glance: How to Grow and Strengthen the Field?

Organizations supporting philanthropy have been around for over a century, but only recently have seen a more significant growth in number of institutions. At WINGSForum 2017, WINGS launched a new research publication, Infrastructure in Focus: A New Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy – which shows that growth within the philanthropy infrastructure field started in…

Call for proposals from Association of Italian Grantmaking Foundations

The “Dipartimento di scienze economico-sociali e matematico-statistiche” of the University of Torino, the “Centro di ricerche sulla cooperazione e il nonprofit” of the Catholic University of Milano, and Assifero – the Association of Italian grantmaking foundations invite scholars to submit research proposals in the field of philanthropic foundations. The awards aim to encourage and support…

IFIP are looking for a new Executive Director

IFIP (International Funders for Indigenous People) are looking for a new Executive Director. The International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) is the only global donor affinity group dedicated to Indigenous Peoples worldwide. IFIP’s mission fosters Indigenous solutions and partnerships among Indigenous Peoples and funders around the globe. The organization’s strategic goal is to expand the…

WINGSForum Day Two

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WINGSForum Day One

Find out what we got up to on the first day of WINGSForum 2017 by checking out our Storify! Be sure to follow along on Twitter at @WINGS_Info and let us know your thoughts by using the #CriticalPhilanthropy and #WINGSForum hashtags.  

WINGSForum Livestream

Couldn’t make it to Mexico City for WINGSForum? Make sure you catch the plenary sessions which will be livestreamed! Simply follow the link here, and let us know what you think by tweeting at us at @WINGS_info using the #CriticalPhilanthropy and #WINGSForum hashtags.