WINGS member survey on the response to Covid-19 crisis

WINGS surveyed its members’ CEO/senior leaders to find out how the crisis has impacted them, what measures they are taking, their initiatives in response and what type of priorities they place at the global level for the philanthropy sector.  

The survey provides an insight into what our members are doing, how they are working with partners and identify where they can collaborate with global peers. It also sheds light on the role of WINGS and its ability to leverage networks. 51 people responded to the survey and this is a summary of the finding that was also shared at a Global Call with leaders from our network on 23 April. 

The first set of questions were around operational challenges, the type of support that would be useful and challenges that concerned leaders in particular. 

  • What are the main challenges that you are facing in the daily running of your organisation as a consequence of the current situation? 

survey 1

  • What type of support and training would be most helpful to you?

survey 2

  • Top Five Concerns of Leaders

survey 3

The next set of questions were around the financial impact of our members. 

  • In terms of financial impact, 35.29% are substantially impacted, 56.86% were slightly impacted and 7.84% reported no impact at the time of filling the survey. 
  • Below, we asked why they would be financially impacted. 

survey 4

  • In light of this, all respondents said it would be harder to implement programs. While for a majority- 70.59%- some or a few of their programs will be impacted, 23.53% said most of their programs will be impacted and for the rest-5.88%, all of their programs. 

Members have responded to the crisis in varied ways. The next set of questions reveals the different ways in which they are making adjustments and working out their next steps. 

An overwhelming number of members- 96.08% of respondents- said that they had already or  planning to implement new initiatives in the near future regarding the pandemic.

  • What measures have you taken in response to programs and initiatives that are impacted?

survey 5

  • What are the areas where you find the most urgent need to focus your support to stakeholders (members, grantees, clients)?

survey 6

About 50.98% of the respondents said they were working with governments, while 49.02% said they were not working with governments. Among the ways in which the respondents were working with governments included coordinating efforts, connecting them with organizations, sharing data and information, and a few were pooling funds and resources.

Emergency Response was the key thematic area of focus for our respondents and their members, while social cohesion, human rights and democracy, health care, and jobs and employment were other key areas of focus. A significant number were also engaged in finding ways to support the NGO sector and looking at the future of philanthropy infrastructure.

  • What type of global action is most important to you and your stakeholders?

survey 7

  • Members also indicated how they were willing to participate in global action. 

survey 8

  • Finally, members were asked what type of support they look to WINGS for in such a situation? The top responses were 
    • Platform to connecting with global peers
    • Hub of information and resources
    • Platform to advocate for transformation and creating new narratives for the philanthropy sector 
    • Platform for global action on data sharing
    • Hub of information and resources
    • Safe space for exchanges and reflection

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