Spotlight on 2020 New Members

The WINGS Network is made up of over 150 philanthropy support organizations from 50+ countries, and is growing every year. See some of the organizations that joined for 2020 below, and get to know your network. Check out our map to see which countries WINGS members are based in.

From WINGS, a warm welcome to all our new Members and Supporting Members!


Support Foundation for Civil Society – based in Turkey

Support Foundation for Civil Society was established in 2015 with an aim to contribute to the culture of strategic giving in Turkey by acting as a bridge between donors and civil society organizations.


  1. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Supporting Member – based in the USA
    • Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.
  2. Chandler Foundation – Supporting Member – based in the USA
    • The Chandler Foundation mission is to build healthy communities, vibrant marketplaces, and strong nations.
  3. Beautiful Foundation (The) – based in South Korea
    • The Beautiful Foundation pursues the society where everyone practices the
      value of sharing in everyday life and individuals and community thrive together.
  4. la Caixa Foundation – Supporting Member – based in Spain
    • la Caixa Foundation works to build a better society in which the most vulnerable have more opportunities, developing solutions for social progress, education, science and culture.
  5. Movimento Bem Maior – based in Brazil
    • Movimento Bem Maior mission is to double the total amount of donations made in Brazil over the next ten years.
  6. NEID New England International Donors – based in the U.S.
    • NEID’s mission is to convene and empower donors to help address the world’s big problems.
  7. Ribon – based in Brazil
    • Ribon is a mobile app that allows users to experience donation by receiving notifications with inspiring stories from altruists around the world. Free, daily, and without leaving the routine.
  8. Star Ghana Foundation – based in Ghana
    • STAR Ghana Foundation’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of citizens and civil society actions to achieve an equitable, inclusive society through catalyzing active citizenship and collective action and coordinating and supporting strategic partnerships.
  9. SwissFoundations – based in Switzerland
    • Swiss Foundations mobilizes in favor of transparency, professionalism, and the effective use of foundation means in the Swiss foundations field.


You can find the complete WINGS Network List here.

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