How Our Members Are Helping With Earthquake Relief Efforts In Mexico

Philanthropy infrastructure has been playing an important role in coordinating the earthquake relief in Mexico and we’ve taken a look at what some of our members are up to.

Here are just a few examples of their work and resources:


The Council On Foundations (CoF) lists some resources here.


GlobalGiving has an earthquake relief fund. Currently more than £1.8 million has been raised with more than 16,000 individual donations.


Cemefi is working directly on earthquake disaster relief on a number of fronts:

They created a site in which some of their members have uploaded their funding and initiatives related to earthquakes relief and rebuilding.

They are also following up on a platform formed by 30 important civil society organizations in Mexico to follow up information, accountability and transparency of funding and resources applied to rebuilding.

They are including the citizenship response, -volunteering, donations, etc.- as one of the main topics -axis- of their Annual Meeting: Desafíos y Oportunidades en Tiempos Complejos (challenges and opportunities in complex times), as they are trying to consolidate this solidarity into building the common good beyond the immediate emergency.


The Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) had a telebriefing that you can access here by using the password: humanrights (please note that due to technical difficulties the first few minutes of the call didn’t record, so the audio drops straight into the conversation).

They also compiled this list of resources from the call-


  • CIUDADania19s :Site of future mapping initiatives in Mexico City: here is a preview of technical mapping. It has different layers, which you can play at the right corner. (Monica Tapia, Ruta Cívica A.C.)
  • Verificado19s First Collaborative map (Monica Tapia, Ruta Cívica A.C.)
  • Real time mapping, done through Google Crisis Map (Monica Tapia, Ruta Cívica A.C.)
  • Press release from Article 19 (Kathleen Budd, article19)

Partners/Active organizations needing resources:

  • Estado de Mexico – they are organizing weekly brigades and providing crucial psychosocial support, primeros auxilios emocionales, for the children and youth they serve. (Saundra Macias del Villar, Global Fund for Children)
  • DESMI – Chiapas (Katherine Zavala, Thousand Currents)
  • Asociacion Mexicana de Bancos de Alimentos, A.C. (Jessie Krafft, Charities Aid Foundation of America)
  • Grupdesac (Jessie Krafft, Charities Aid Foundation of America)
  • UNICEF Mexico (Jessie Krafft, Charities Aid Foundation of America)
  • Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco A.C. (Jessie Krafft, Charities Aid Foundation of America)
  • Un Kilo De Ayuda A.C. (Jessie Krafft, Charities Aid Foundation of America)
  • Asociacion Civil Operacion Bendicion Mexico (Jessie Krafft, Charities Aid Foundation of America)



Finally, here are two further resources that may be of interest to our members:

IT Disaster Planning and Recovery Guide tips to help you, your organization, and beneficiaries keep services up and running during disasters


Center for Disaster Philanthropy– an organization that specializes on philanthropy during disaster that may have some helpful tools


These many efforts show how philanthropy infrastructure makes a real difference to fundraising for disasters- and being agents of change. If you are a WINGS member and you would like to share any other information related to this area- either your own efforts or the efforts of people in your networks, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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