Global Philanthropy Data Charter- Community Chest Case Study

Global Philanthropy Data Charter- Community Chest Case Study

The Charter was created as part of a collaborative process to help guide the philanthropic sector’s data-related work and instil a data culture. The updated Charter was launched at our recent meeting in Cartagena and we will make it available to everyone next month. Complimenting the Charter are 4 case studies from our members- as the fourth and final organisation to present its case study, the Community Chest of the Western Cape presents us the results of a survey conducted in 2015 amongst 10 Cape Flats schools to investigate patterns of absenteeism due to menstruation and other sexual education and feminine health issues.

The highly emotive gender issue relating to the negative effects on the education of the girl child due to menstruation has captured the attention of the world. In an environment where gender discrimination against women is still rife, the additional burden of menses impacting negatively on school attendance for girls, merits serious attention.

It has sprouted many highly visible media campaigns from climbing the highest peaks, to plumbing the proverbial depths of the deepest oceans and running the length of the Great Wall of China, for the cause.

However, whilst there is no doubt this is an issue of concern, many urban legends abound about the exact size and scope of the problem.

You can download the case study here.

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