Introducing WINGS Board – Interview with David Lindberg

Introducing WINGS Board – Interview with David Lindberg

This is part of a regular series where we ask WINGS Board Directors to tell us a bit about themselves. Thanks to David Lindberg for agreeing to be interviewed. You can see the previous interview here.


1) Tell us a bit about your current work and background

I’m currently the CFO for the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF), a grantmaker support organization with 300 foundation and corporate giving program members, located in Grand Haven, Michigan, USA. My work is focused on financial reporting, investments and handling technical assistance requests from members. I have worked with CMF since 1995.

My professional background is coming from the public accounting field and I was recently the Treasurer for the United Philanthropy Forum located in Washington DC.


2) How did you end up being a WINGS Board Member?

The C.S. Mott Foundation reached out to me to see if I would be interested in joining the WINGS board as Treasurer. We had a previous staff member that was on the WINGS board a few years ago and I know she really enjoyed her time on the board.


3) What have you enjoyed about the role?

I’ve enjoyed very much working with the WINGS staff who have all been very responsive any request I have. As I work with the staff around the financial reporting area I get a great satisfaction out of trying to reduce the amount of time staff needs to spend in this area, so they can focus on the program side of the organization.

My first international travel was with WINGS and it’s been great to meet board members from all over the world and see what a fun group they are to work with.


4) What is an area of WINGS’ work that you are particularly passionate about?

I’m excited to see an organization like WINGS work to grow organized philanthropy all over the world and thus help address many of the inequities that exist around the globe.


5) What is an inspiring quote that you would like to share?

As philanthropy continues to grow around the world I see this as a common thread bringing different cultures closer together.


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