WINGS Special Edition Monthly Update – Highlights from WINGSForum 2017

WINGSForum Highlights

WINGS would like to warmly thank everyone involved in making WINGSForum 2017 an event to be remembered – our sponsors, members, planning committee, board, staff and participants – your collaboration was the key factor for this great success!

The conference gathered 304 participants from 44 different countries and over 170 organizations working with philanthropy infrastructure – the largest WINGS gathering to date! Now more than ever we can affirm that WINGS’ soundness is derived from the collective efforts of its members and network. Read below to find more information from the Forum including WINGS programs launched, Mexico City Declaration, links to presented materials, photos of participants, and announcement of WINGSForum 2020 host organization!

Launch of Infrastructure Report

At WINGSForum 2017 in Mexico City, WINGS launched its new Infrastructure in Focus report: A New Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy, informed by  newly gathered data from WINGS members, academic institutions and foundations supporting philanthropy infrastructure. This is the only report that specifically looks at the state of philanthropy infrastructure worldwide and provides a broad picture of priorities, organizational characteristics and challenges of the field. It not only reflects on the value of philanthropy infrastructure but also on what is needed to grow and strengthen the field. Click here to read more and here to download the report.



Launch of 4Cs

How do you prove your contribution to the field? Philanthropy infrastructure organizations still struggle to have their added-value acknowledged and recognized, despite their relevant role in the support of philanthropy. That’s why WINGS, DAFNE, and our members have teamed together to create the first prototype of the 4Cs- an assessment and enabling framework and too for the field and by the field. Check out the new 4Cs area on our website to learn more! 


WINGSForum Catch-Up

Couldn’t attend WINGSForum 2017? Don’t worry, you can have access to all the materials below!

o  Session material: Pre-Conference WorkshopsBreakfastPlenaries and Concurrent.

o  Full event photo coverage.

o  WINGSForum Mexico City Declaration.

o Press coverage.

More videos and articles to come! Stay tuned!

Video Coverage

This Forum was full of surprises – we were able to offer live streaming for our Plenary sessions and now it is available to you here!





Join us for WINGSForum 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya!


Thank You

A special thank you to all WINGSForum sponsors and partners for making it possible to execute our largest WINGSForum yet!

Host Organization:

WINGS Funders:






WINGSForum 2017 Sponsors:







Local Sponsors:

Membership Update

Thank you to all our members for their yearly contributions! Haven’t paid membership yet? We know it’s been a busy year so far. We extended the deadline to April 15. Pay now or email Sarah for help.

Alliance Magazine

Did you know that WINGS members are eligible for a free or discounted subscription to Alliance Magazine? Be sure to reach out for more information.

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