WINGSForum Interview: Janet Mawiyoo

In the run up to WINGSForum 2017, we will be publishing interviews with some of our esteemed speakers. For this interview we spoke to Janet Mawiyoo, Executive Officer of Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF).

janet-mawyiooWINGS: Tell us a little about yourself, your work in philanthropy infrastructure and your interest in attending WINGSForum 2017?

J.M.: I have been in the development field for over 30 years, out of which nearly 15 years have been in the philanthropy sector; the idea of thinking of effective ways of building the sector, understanding it, building institutions working in the sector etc. have therefore been a core part of my work. Attending WINGSForum is therefore a great opportunity to link up with other like-minded individuals and organizations. It’s an opportunity to share our experience as we learn how other organizations are tackling similar challenges.

WINGS: What might ‘Critical Philanthropy: Addressing Complexity, Challenging Ourselves’ mean to you and to your organization?

J.M.: I think its understanding what philanthropy means in our context and the diversities that exist that we need to work with and capitalize on, to achieve the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves to reach disadvantaged groups in our society/community.

WINGS: What is your involvement in the session you will be speaking at WINGSForum and what issue(s) are you most looking forward to addressing at WINGSForum2017?

J.M.: One of them is sharing our learning of leveraging on different forms of  community giving, to address community needs, which in some cases involves providing effective incentives to generate more resources.

WINGS: Why do you think infrastructure and this global gathering are important for the development of the sector?

J.M.: Any community or sector is as strong as the existing institutions it has that address issues in that society, hence why growing the infrastructure is at the center of being successful, in my view!

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