WINGS Network Monthly Update – October

WINGSForum – On the Road to Mexico


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CECP – Giving Around the Globe Report 


Inform your global community engagement strategies by reading CECP’s one-of-a-kind report Giving Around the Globe with analysis and trends in global corporate societal investment and regional profiles of Asia, Africa, Latin, America, and Europe that reveal distinct differences driven largely by economic conditions and cultural norms. The report was developed from survey data collected from over 120 large companies headquartered in 20 countries across the world on their 2015 programs, representing an aggregate US$ $6.4B billion in societal investment. Read and share today! Free download:

Beyond Integrity – Explaining the Role of Business in Preserving Civil Society


The latest infographic from the Charities Aid Foundation examines the role that business can play in civil society, with case studies and insights.

Youth Philanthropy Initiative and Graduate House Join Forces for SDGs


Since their adoption in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals have meant that each country has a social and civic responsibility to ensure protection of the planet, an end to poverty and prosperity for all. It’s about equality. It’s about justice, and most importantly it’s about progressing the agenda for sustainable development. Graduate House is proud to announce its partnership with Youth Philanthropy Initiative, assisting wherever possible with the progression of the SDGs.

A Message from AFE Colombia

The Association of Family and Corporate Foundations – AFE Colombia – that gathers the 67 most important family and corporate foundations in the country adds itself to the voices that diverse sectors of civil society and the private sector in the country have expressed to reach a national agreement for peace promptly.

GrantCraft Post #1: Children Stand Up Against Poverty

This month on Philanthropy in Focus, we’ve been crossposting the content of GrantCraft. The Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace and GrantCraft, a service of Foundation Center, are releasing a series of 11 blog posts authored by grantmakers around the world. The posts are derived from the recently published Effective Philanthropy: Another Take, a collection of stories describing a philanthropic intervention against some form of injustice (socioeconomic and/or political) at a local, national or global scale. Each story addresses key questions grantmakers wrestle with in order to effect systemic social change, and the blog posts in this series highlight certain details that feed into the bigger story. Through this series, the partners hope to raise awareness of some of the most effective examples from philanthropy in tackling injustice and achieving lasting structural change. By sharing knowledge in philanthropy and being willing to learn from one another’s experiences and perspectives, we can improve our practice together.

Global Summit on Community Philanthropy


Will you be attending the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy in Johannesburg this year? From the 1-2 of December, the conference focuses on ways that philanthropy and international aid can be re-oriented to strengthen communities; new approaches to building trusting relationships with community leaders, civil society, foundations, government, and the private sector, with sessions lead by  thinkers and practitioners in community philanthropy from around the globe.


PFC Conference 2016

Vancouver, Canada, 1st – 3rd November 2016

The 6th biennial PFC Conference in Vancouver is focusing on ‘Looking Outward: New Horizons for Canadian Philanthropy’.

ACF Annual Conference 

London, UK, 3rd November 2016

ACF’s annual conference for staff and trustees of foundations and grant-making charities from across the UK will be on Thursday 03 November 2016 at BMA House, central London on the theme of ‘trust’.

EVPA Annual Conference 2016

Paris, France, 3rd – 4th November 2016

Are you interested in building sustainable non-profits and social enterprises? Are you curious about cross-border philanthropy and investment, scalable societal impact or green bonds? Would you like to work with government or corporations to find effective solutions to persistent societal problems?  In that case, you will be interested in this year’s EVPA annual conference.

Themed “Moving beyond Boundaries,” the event will be a platform to think about how to build and grow the European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment sector, but also to learn about the latest in innovative financing models, impact measurement and capacity building.

Cemefi’s 8th World Youth Volunteer Conference

Puebla, Mexico, 3rd – 5th November 2016

The IAVE World Youth Volunteer Conference (WYVC) is a unique opportunity for young volunteers, up to age 29, to meet together, volunteer together, learn and reflect together and begin relationships that can last for many years.

Cemefi’s 24th World Volunteer Conference

Mexico City, 7th – 10th November 2016

The theme, Volunteering for Social Change – recognizes that volunteering is a powerful way in which individual and collective actions can bring needed change to our communities, our countries and our rapidly globalizing world.

CFP Annual Meeting

Maputo, Mozambique, 15th -17th November 2016

Centro Portugues de Fundacoes will be hosting their meeting in Maputo, focusing on ‘Foundations and the Global Agenda 2030’.

Grantmaker’s East Forum

Hamburg, Germany, 30th Nov – 2nd Dec

The conference will be dedicated to the refugee crisis to find out how funders across Europe and beyond, respecting the different subsets of issues in Central-Eastern and Western Europe, can work together and in cooperation with others to respond to the needs of refugees.

Global Summit on Community Philanthropy

Johannesburg, South Africa, 1st – 2nd December 2016

Registration is now open for Global Summit on Community Philanthropy that will take place in Johannesburg, 1-2 December 2016!   

FCAA AIDS Philanthropy Summit

Washington D.C., USA, 5th – 6th December 2016

Join your colleagues in HIV philanthropy for the Funders Concerned About AIDS8th Annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit.  FCAA will release its signature publication Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS in 2015, the only resource of its kind reporting on who is funding what, where, and how within the HIV landscape.  Gathering in the aftermath of the 2016 elections, we will also explore how the results will impact our work going forward.

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