A Message from AFE Colombia

The Association of Family and Corporate Foundations -AFE Colombia- that gathers the 67 most important family and corporate foundations in the country adds itself to the voices that diverse sectors of civil society and the private sector in the country have expressed to reach a national agreement for peace promptly.

We value all the efforts that from institutionalism, added to those from civil society, are carried on to put an end to violence and contribute to a sustainable peace.

Our commitment is and will continue supporting and boosting the articulated and decided work of our associate foundations with communities in territories, to strengthen institutionalism and generate political, economic, social and cultural transformations that ensure better equality and inclusive conditions for the citizens throughout the country.

Today, more than ever, AFE Colombia ratifies its commitment to promoting innovative, transformative and inclusive projects for the construction of a more equitable and fair country, as a guarantee for a lasting peace.

Together at AFE, we build peace!

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