A Message from Our Departing Executive Director, Helena Monteiro


Dear colleagues,

For the past six years, my job as WINGS Executive Director has been my highest priority, and received the best of my time and attention. It was my privilege and honour to develop a network I believe in and build an organization I am proud of.

When I started on October 2010, I could never have guessed at how challenging and rewarding this role would be. Despite many challenges, during my tenure WINGS income more than tripled, sound governance practices were implemented, new programmes were developed, and the network gained credibility. Today, I am extremely happy with the organization I am leaving behind when I step down at the end of the month.

I would like to thank all of you, directors, members, funders, partners and staff, for your support and commitment. Together we have enabled WINGS to evolve from an informal, volunteer operation into an established non-profit with an ambitious vision for a strong, global philanthropic community that strives to build more equitable and just societies around the world.

This has been a very challenging and enlightening experience, one that I will treasure forever.

As for me, I will continue working in the sector and hope we will keep in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn and reach me via email.

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