IHRFG launches new donor working group and releases new research on the state of human rights grantmaking

IHRFG recently announced the formation of the International Grants Operations Working Group, a donor working group designed to bring together grants management and operations staff, as well as other interested grantmakers, to develop solutions to emerging challenges in international grantmaking.

The new working group aims to complement existing initiatives by focusing on the operational grantmaking challenges arising from increased restrictions on civil society and foreign funding. WINGS members and partners are encouraged to share this announcement with anyone currently dealing with these challenges, particularly operations staff and those who many not have been involved in these conversations to date. The working group held its first meeting in July at IHRFG’s Conference in New York. View the agenda here.

IHRFG’s latest research on the state of human rights grantmaking builds on previous reports to analyze funding flows in 2012 for human rights by region, issue area, and population. The Advancing Human Rights: Update on Global Foundation Grantmaking report, website, and funder-only map are part of a series of tools for the human rights community created through the Advancing Human Rights: Knowledge Tools for Funders initiative. Visualize these data on IHRFG’s interactive website on global human rights funding. Funders, advocates, and researchers are using this site to delve into the issues, populations, and regions relevant to their work, and to better understand the landscape of human rights funding.

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