Philanthropy in discussion in Rio de Janeiro


From 8-10 July, Rio de Janeiro will host the 1st International Convening of the Network of Independent Funds for Social Justice. Organized by WINGS member Rede de Fundos Independentes para a Justiça Social, the event will bring specialists from all over the world to discuss, through the exchange of experiences: new models of action to social justice; the role of philanthropy in the development of a more equitable society; the advancement and setbacks of human rights work in Brazil and in the world; and reflections on philanthropy in Brazil.

“We invited leaders, organizations, companies, business foundations and institutes to collaborate on how philanthropy can contribute to the advancement of human rights,” explains event coordinator Cindy Lessa. This meeting is widely supported by Rio de Janeiro Industries Association, Ford Foundation, USA Consulate, Kellogg Foundation and the Baobá Fund for Racial Equity.

The first two days aim to inspire new models and strategies of action that can bring about concrete change in Brazil. The event will highlight innovative Brazilian community foundations and projects on local, national and international levels, as well as those that promote significant changes in both the development of communities and the advancement of human rights.

The third day will facilitate dialogue between social movements and civil society, organizations, institutions and companies from the perspective of social justice and its impact on the consolidation of a more equitable and democratic society.

More information at Register for the event here.

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