NPO coalition final comments on draft FATF Best Practice Paper

In February we shared an open letter from the EFC on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) revision of the Best Practices Paper (BPP) on Recommendation 8, which provides voluntary international standards for anti-terrorist financing. The FATF is revising policies on cross-border investment, which may have significant impact on global philanthropy.

Because the state of cross-border giving is important to many of our members, today we are sharing the wider NPO coalition’s recently submitted comments on the draft FATF BPP, signed by more than 70 organizations, including DAFNE, EFC and WINGS. Outlined below are important next steps your organization can take locally in the coming weeks:

  • Find out who represents the government at the FATF plenary (likely to be in Finance Ministry) and request a meeting/call.
  • Ask the FATF delegation to support the NPO sector Key Points at the June plenary, in particular to encourage FATF to formally recognize and structure the improved dialogue with the NPO sector (either as part of the private consultative forum or as a separate NPO consultative forum). Encourage the FATF delegation to suggest this ask be put on the next FATF plenary agenda.

Important materials:

Please share with WINGS network what you and your colleagues are doing locally in support of the NPO sector. Send your comments to

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