Aktive Bürgerschaft honors German community foundations

Aktive Bürgerschaft

The Foundation Aktive Bürgerschaft recently acknowledged four German foundations with an award for their long-term service to their communities. Since 2002 the organization has used the award, which also serves to foster exchange between community foundations, to create synergy between institutions, individuals and local community foundations. Opera singer Paul Potts honored the community foundation of Halle:

Bürgerstiftung Halle is awarded the Förderpreis for its fundraising campaign. Bürgerstiftung Halle has succeeded in spite of challenging conditions. In times of financial uncertainty, particularly in Eastern German cities, which have seen some of the most challenging conditions, not only have they raised an incredible amount of money, but more importantly engaged a local population so they took ownership of it themselves.

During the awards ceremony, Stiftung Aktive Bürgerschaft publically thanked all community foundations in Germany for their commitment to youth, education, culture and other issues. Letters were placed in windows that could be seen by Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

For more information visit Aktive Bürgerschaft online.

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