PLE on Local Cultures of Giving: Old Traditions, Current Contexts, and Emerging Trends


WINGS, in partnership with Southern Africa Trust and Southern Africa Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum, hosted a Peer Learning Event (PLE) on local cultures of giving in Johannesburg from 17 to 18 November.

Participants came from different region of Southern Africa and Arabia. The main purpose of the event was to bring awareness of the need to reveal trends and document stories, old and new, from all regions in the effort of creating a truly global philanthropy enriched with diversity. The Peer interactions began with an informal dinner on Sunday evening, hosted by the Global Fund for Community Foundations. During the first day’s opening session, time was given to each participant for a short introduction on his or her organization and to express one personal and inspiring philanthropy experience that left a mark on their life. This was an interesting way to start the event.

The two days included several sessions that covered topics on traditions and local practices of giving. The participants identified key challenges in achieving the objective of the meeting and also chose issues they would like to contribute to, such as consolidating existing research and identifying gaps and documenting stories of philanthropists considering all variations in Arab and African societies. All participants expressed positive feedback towards the meeting structure, venue, hosts and dinners. Lively discussions filled the two days and everyone made a commitment to take the discussion forward and maintain contact with each other. We are happy to say that WINGS provided once more an opportunity to share and learn from each other, making this a truly learning experience.

To expand the scope of the PLE, WINGS is hosting a new members-only Local Cultures of Giving forum at our website. Effective strategies and actions supported by philanthropic actors must be shaped in accordance with local culture and values. Support organizations play an essential role in helping to shape these strategies. Join the forum and share your ideas at

The Local Cultures of Giving forum is open to WINGS members only. Please see your organization administrator for access. If you are unsure of your member status, please contact

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