Social Good Brazil Summit 2014 discusses the role of technology for social change


The democratization and advances in technology over the past few years have allowed the dissemination of ideas, creation of initiatives and mobilization of people like never before. And all this potential can be used to make the world a better place.

Social Good Brazil was launched to promote the use of technology, social media and innovative thinking to contribute to solve social problems. This year, the SGB summit’s theme is PROTAGONISM AND SOCIAL INNOVATION: the new tool for change is you! The summit aims to reinforce the idea that changing the world is in everybody´s reach. This third edition will take place on 5 and 6 November 2014 and can be viewed online via livestream. The summit confirms both national and international speakers who are references on social innovation.

Social Good Brazil

“One of the aims of Social Good Brazil is to create a rich and intelligent community for the exchange of innovative ideas that have great potential to be put into action as well as sharing initiatives that are already in practice” says Carolina de Andrade, Executive Director of Social Good Brazil. The summit will use panels, interviews and workshops to move and inspire the audience of social innovators, students, opinion makers, entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, foundations, companies and public power. They will hear about Social Good which is a concept of the digital culture which also names the global movement +SocialGood, of the United Nations Foundation and other important institutions.

This year the summit’s format will be even more dynamic with interviews and shorter panels and the participation of many different international organizations that are references on social innovation. The event will also provide a digital space and an area for networking to encourage the connection of the participants.

Stories of people who use technology to change Brazil

This year Social Good Brazil will launch its first documentary, “Together we make change happen”. The documentary shows examples of people engaged in inspiring projects that use technology to make the country a better place. The film, produced for internet exhibition, is soon to be released online with English subtitles.

View the Social Good Brazil 2014 agenda and register online today.

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