Glasspockets video: Share your wealth of knowledge

If you’re an association serving philanthropy, here’s a great message to share with your membership—from our friends at Glasspockets:

“We know you’re not engaged in philanthropy merely to generate web traffic or Twitter followers, but we hope this video will help convince you that sharing information about your foundation through multiple channels will increase the impact of your work—and expand your legacy.”

From the video: “When you trade isolation for communication, you can discover new ideas, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your foundation, find new opportunities to do good and improve the trust that the public has in what you’re doing—and all of that will strengthen your foundation, improve the world, and grow your legacy even more. Make a commitment to build communities, not boundaries.”

Glasspockets is a service of the Foundation Center. Infrastructure of Philanthropy is one of six plenaries for WINGSForum 2014: The Power of Networks. Follow on Twitter with #WFnetworks. For event details, visit the WINGS Forum website.

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