American Express Foundation and IYF launch initiative to support emerging leaders

Young social entrepreneurs are hungry for the knowledge and skills to take their social ventures to the next level. Through a new partnership between the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the American Express Foundation, young leaders engaged in IYF’s YouthActionNet® global network will now have access to expanded learning opportunities in the form of issue-specific webinars and cutting-edge video content.

A signature program of IYF, YouthActionNet is creating one of the world’s largest networks of young social entrepreneurs, currently comprising more than 880 young leaders in over 70 countries who are impacting millions of lives through their ventures. YouthActionNet reaches thousands of additional change-makers through its online platform and virtual learning opportunities.

“We are thrilled to partner with the American Express Foundation to support the needs of emerging young leaders around the globe,” said IYF President and CEO William S. Reese. “By leveraging the power of technology and the experience and expertise of our Fellows, we can reach many more youth at various stages in their leadership journeys.”

American Express recognizes the significance of strong leadership in the nonprofit and social sectors and is committed to helping train high potential emerging leaders to tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

Through the new “Living Leadership Series,” IYF will deliver in-person communications training to YouthActionNet Fellows, resulting in videotaped profiles of each describing their social innovations for the benefit of an expansive online audience. Fellows will also share their leadership challenges and solutions on video to inform the work of change makers grappling with similar issues.

In addition, webinars will be developed to engage Fellows and industry experts in an exploration of key leadership challenges emerging leaders face related to strategic planning, going to scale, sustainability, and a host of other issues. Also highlighted will be the innovative approaches employed by these youth in addressing urgent global issues ranging from climate change to women’s rights, disease prevention to youth unemployment. YouthActionNet will leverage its social media channels to spark dialogue around those issues presented and create connections among young social innovators.

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One thought on “American Express Foundation and IYF launch initiative to support emerging leaders

  1. Am from KENYA with an organization that are youth led and doing Youth Livelihoods programme looking forward for a partnership. And some funds for the same. Turkanaid is a local based organization.


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