Arab Foundations Forum Holds Training Workshop on “Effective Fundraising and Communication”

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) in collaboration with the Resource Alliance and SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory Services in the Arab Region, hosted a two-day workshop on 15 and 16 September 2013 titled “Effective Fundraising and Communication” for its members.

The workshop, held at the Warwick Hotel in Amman, Jordan, was conducted by two experts in the philanthropic sector and brought together over thirty participants from different foundations in the region.

Recognising the significance of strong communication skills and successful fundraising techniques for foundations, the AFF workshop tackled subjects such as various communication and fundraising methods, social investment as a source of funding, institutional philanthropy as well as the recent trends in online fundraising and using the internet and social networks to raise funds.

photo courtesy AFF

Participants engaged in group discussions and exercises that were led by Dr. Atallah Kuttab, Chairman and Founder of SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory Services, and Mr. Fredrique Fourrnier, Chief Executive Officer at Optimus Agency.

Ms. Luma Hamdan,  Executive Director at AFF stated “AFF has always been active in organising meetings and events, and we are pleased to host our first capacity building training workshop for our Members, one of many to come, all  based on the needs of our Members.”

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) was established in 2007 as a not for profit association of foundations that serves as a platform to encourage dialogue and collaboration between philanthropic institutions and key stakeholders involved in the philanthropic sector both in the Arab region and beyond. The founding of a network of Arab foundations came as a result of a rapid increase in the number of foundations in the Arab region, and from the need to create an infrastructure for this emerging philanthropic sector that would support a more strategic culture of giving.

AFF contributes to the sustainable institutional development of foundations and initiatives by promoting transparency, accountability and better governance. Through its activities, AFF strives to strengthen the impact of the Arab philanthropic sector by promoting strategic giving and the socially responsible conduct of foundations.

Visit the AFF online.

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