Social Good Brazil 2013: Social innovation in a networked society

The Social Good Brazil Seminar in São Paulo (EN, PT), transmitted online via livestream on 24th September, will discuss the global movement that promotes the use of technology and social media for social change in Brazil.

What power do social media have to promote social change? Have you heard millions of Brazilians went to the streets in June 2013, as a result of the online movement #ChangeBrazil? Want to know what Brazilians think about digital campaigns for social impact? Did you know there is social innovation blossoming in underprivileged areas and slums all over Brazil? Want to learn more about how this is happening?

These and other questions will be debated by a super team of specialists, entrepreneurs, opinion makers and great names of Brazilian social innovators during the Social Good Brazil Seminar on 24th September. The event will be transmitted online via livestream in English and Portuguese, so people everywhere can actively participate by sending questions and comments and will get to know the initiatives being presented during the day.

photo: Elisa Mendes via The Guardian
photo: Elisa Mendes via The Guardian

The Social Good Brazil Seminar is a partner of the +SocialGood community and is part of its official global agenda, which includes the annual Social Good Summit that gathers innovators from more than 150 countries during the United Nations Week in New York. During the seminar in Brazil there will be a live interaction with the Social Good Summit in New York.

The +SocialGood global community is led by a unique group of partners such as the UN Foundation (institutional partner of the Social Good Brazil Program), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNPD, Mashable, Ericsson, Case Foundation, 92nd Street Y and more recently the Caterpillar Foundation, Cisco and Enactus, which were announced as partners last week.

The event in Brazil will take place from 9:00am to 7:00pm (GMT-3) and will present panels with specialists and experiences on social innovation reported by the entrepreneurs themselves. The panels will debate themes such as: Brazilian social innovation in underprivileged areas and slums; the social impact of digital movements and campaigns; what do young Brazilian people, digital natives and digital citizens, want from education? How is it possible to create social innovation in companies and nonprofit organisations?

The Stanford University’s Center for Social Innovation, one of today’s worldwide references on the studies and discussions on social innovation will be represented by its director Kriss Deiglmeier, who will be the opening keynote speaker. Deiglmeier has over 20 years experience in the field and developed the course “Social Innovation through Corporate Social Responsibility” in Stanford’s Business School. When living in Myanmar, Deiglmeier was board member for the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Development Economies and created the “Innovation in Action Lab”, which supports local groups in order to improve their own social projects.

Nearly 20 names are already confirmed to join the discussions, among them Anderson França, organiser of the TEDxMaré (Maré is one of the biggest slums in Brazil); Graziela Tanaka, who was part of the group that created the online petition organization “Avaaz”; Marco Gomes, founder of boo-box digital media; Mariana Ribeiro, co-founder of the group “Imagina na Copa”; Anna Penido, director of the Inspirare Institute; Regina Célia Esteves de Siqueira, director of the Ruth Cardoso Center; Alexandre Maio, from the website “Catraca Livre”; and Drica Guzzi, from the University of São Paulo and the project “Escola do Futuro”.

The Social Good Brazil Program is an initiative of two organisations from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina: the Instituto Voluntários em Ação (IVA), a volunteer center; and Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis (ICom), one of the first community foundations in Brazil. Florianópolis is a national center of technology innovation, place of two renowned and prize winning incubators for tech companies and of a tech park prepared to receive more than 25 thousand people and 400 companies.

Beyond the seminar, the Social Good Brazil Program offers an online platform ( that makes available several options for engagement using technology and social media to promote change in society. The platform is the base of the program and has had more than 190 thousand visits since its launch a year ago. Today, the local network has 28 thousand fans on Facebook and 1.8 thousand followers on twitter.

From the demands of the audience of the program and based on an analyses of the context of the support for social innovation in the country, Social Good Brazil launched this year an innovative laboratory that tests and improves ideas of social projects and businesses which use technology and social media. The laboratory received 109 applications of ideas and the team is selecting 20 of them to pass through a 12 week development process. The laboratory uses worldwide top methods of innovation acceleration such as Design Thinking, Canvas Business Model and Lean Startup, and the supported ideas count on the mentorship from specialists and partners able to guide the social entrepreneurs in the process of designing and testing. The Social Good Brazil Lab searches for people with entrepreneurial spirit, who truly believe in their ideas and want to make them happen. Participating in the laboratory will favor the ideas to attract funds and partners interested in sustainable social changes.

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About IVA and ICom

IVA – Instituto Voluntários em Ação

The institute was founded in 1998 with the purpose of disseminating the culture of volunteering and increasing the number of volunteers in Florianópolis and in the State of Santa Catarina. In 2008 the institute took a big and innovative step launching the portal Voluntários Online, introducing online volunteering in Brazil. The portal counts on more than 50,000 volunteers and its mission is to “contribute with excellence in the development of volunteering as a practice of each citizen, being of assistance for each citizen to be an agent of transformation of the world”.

ICOM – Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis

ICom was established in 2005 and is one of the first community foundations in Brazil. It aims to promote community development by connecting, mobilizing and supporting donors and nonprofit organizations.  ICom has served local, national and international donors and has supported more than 200 nonprofit organizations, improving the quality of life in Florianópolis and neighboring cities. In 2009, ICom led a task force with a group of 30 nonprofits and launched a platform for transparency in the third sector. Portal Transparencia is nowadays a successful platform that provides information for donors and for the entire society about the identity, management and achievements of nonprofits, at the same time as serving as a tool for institutional development for these organizations.


Date/time: 24th September 9:00am-7:00pm (GMT-3)
Livestream in English:

Further information:

Carolina de Andrade
Plus Social Good Advisor & Social Good Brazil Coordinator

Leonam Espindola
Social Good Brazil International Relations Volunteer

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