TUSEV releases Civil Society Monitoring Report 2012

tusevrpt_300The Civil Society Monitoring Report 2012 presents the developments and achievements in the area of civil society, as well as the shortcomings and difficulties observed in practice within the period of 2011-2012. Also, the report compares findings of this year with the previous year. TUSEV published the first Civil Society Monitoring Report in 2011 in order to more closely observe and evaluate developments in the area of civil society.

The purposes of this report are for civil society to be recognized, better understood and bring awareness to challenges faced, as well as portraying developments over the past ten years. We believe that the favorable assessment of the Civil Society Monitoring Report by the representatives of civil society and the various institutions in the international arena is a significant progress. The 2012 Monitoring Report is comprised of sections on Legislative Framework, International Relations, Institutional Capacity, and Research, on which TUSEV had accumulated a significant amount of knowledge and expertise over its twenty-year history. Within the scope of additional research performed in the 2012 report, three campaigns that were conducted by CSOs in 2012, and public outreach activities of civil society through means of traditional and social media channels are examined under the appendix of Campaigns and Media Visibility of CSOs.

Within the context of the report, there are sixteen case studies that have set the agenda of CSOs in 2012. Among the analyzed cases there are: “Participation of CSOs in the New Constitution Making Process”, “CSOs and the Van Earthquake”, “Freedom of Association of Rights-Based Organizations” and “Volunteerism and CSOs”. While preparing these case studies, TUSEV paid great attention to the inclusion of diverse voices and expertise from the area of civil society, collecting opinions from more than eighty representatives who actively work in the area of civil society via interviews, e-mails, and phone conversations. While composing the report, TUSEV applied to various public institutions in line with the criteria defined by the Right to Information Act, and a media review has been conducted for over a three month period.

The Executive Summary of the Civil Society Monitoring Report 2012 was prepared taking into account the progress of civil society in the period of 2011-2012, as well as the significant milestones. Therefore it contains brief situation analyses regarding the major topics of the report, and TUSEV’s recommendations.

Download the Civil Society Monitoring Report from the WINGS Knowledge Center. TUSEV will co-host WINGSForum 2014 in Istanbul in March.

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