WINGS 2013 membership drive results—become a full member today!

The results are in and we are proud! We want to thank all member organisations for their commitment to WINGS.

Results from our 2013 membership campaign show increasing support for what we do—currently 65 dues paying member organisations from 33 countries! New members continue to join, bringing fresh input and ideas to the network. Our 2013 membership composition:


We’ve been building a global network of organisations serving philanthropy for nearly 15 years. In 2012, WINGS adopted a membership dues structure and network participants are gradually reaffirming their support by subscribing as dues paying members.

New WINGS members: Comunalia (Mexico); Filantrofilia (Mexico); Funders Concerned about AIDS (US); OECD NetFwd (Global); Rede de Fundos Independentes para a Justiça Social (Network of Independent Funds for Social Justice) (Brazil); Romanian Federation of Community Foundations (Romania); The SROI Network (UK)

WINGS membership determines our future development and achievements. If you missed the opportunity to become a full member, you can still join before the end of August!

Support the WINGS global network—become a full member today!

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