Background Paper: Global Summit on Community Philanthropy

The successful “global symposium” for community foundations, held in Berlin in 2004, led to plans for a followup event in the Global South. WINGS is supporting the initiative.

The purpose of this paper is to develop the agenda for the “Global Summit on Community Philanthropy” to be held either in 2015 or 2016. It was written by CENTRIS Executive Director Barry Knight, following two consultative meetings with community philanthropy practitioners and supporters, one in New Orleans in September 2012 and one in Winnipeg in June 2013, and is intended as the beginnings of a background paper.

The final version of the paper will determine the character of the summit meeting itself but, before the paper can play this role, it needs to go through an iterative process so that it has wide ownership by the field. For this reason, the paper will be used to consult widely about what is planned for the summit and periodically revised to take account of comments received. Invested readers are encouraged to submit comments or suggestions to or Download the working paper here.

Community foundations and the associations and organisations that support them around the world have long been a focus of WINGS. For more, visit our Community Philanthropy page.

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