WINGS webinar » social return on investment

Interest and use of SROI is growing as a way of accounting for and managing the social economic and environmental value of an organisation’s work. The SROI Network is an international membership organisation supporting the development and consistent use of SROI. How can we account for the wider value of our work in a way we can communicate and use to make better decisions and help reduce inequality? This webinar explains SROI and provides an example of SROI in action.

Filantrofilia works with NGOs at a national level to evaluate their organisational strength and social impact. Social Return on Investment is an integral component of its measurement of social impact. Filantrofilia’s methodology takes into account the economic value of the services provided by an NGO towards its direct beneficiaries; the gap that would need to be filled if these organizations were to disappear. This adaptation of Social Return on Investment provides an easy, practical way of measuring the goods and services that an NGO provides to its beneficiary groups.

July 2013. WINGS webinar presented by: Jeremy Nichols, CEO, the SROI Network; Edgar Herrera Arizmendi, Executive Director, Filantrofilia.

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