Markets for Good—Note from the curator

Giving USA’s 2013 Annual Report is out. While giving increased 3.5% in 2012, it still hasn’t returned to pre-recession levels. This reality has likely accelerated the social sector’s broad and fast adaptation from analog to digital drivers of fundraising in donor prospecting, cultivation, soliciting, relationship-building, process management, etc.

Digital data is now more central to nonprofit fundraising than it was before. On this backdrop, we would like to examine the roles of technology and data in fundraising—from the perspectives of new players and initiatives as well as those of established organizations that are trying to discover how they can integrate digital into their fundraising strategy and tactics.

For context, however, we should note that the infrastructure angle that Markets For Good proposes for the social sector is also relevant in the wider world of fundraising, i.e. growing revenues. more »

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