Social impact measurement workshop comes to four Asian cities

Riding on the success of the workshops conducted after its 2013 Conference, AVPN is bringing a workshop on Social Impact Measurement to four Asian cities. Conducted by Marlon van Dijk of Social Evaluator, the full-day workshop will go in depth into the conduct of social impact assessment using the web social e-valuator tool.

AVPN brings social impact measurement expert, Marlon van Dijk of Social E-valuator, to four cities in Asia for a customised one day workshop series that provide detailed learning on how to effectively incorporate impact measurement into organisational and work processes. In each city participants will get in-depth and hands-on experience on applying Social Return on Investment principles to their work, and be guided on how to use the Social E-valuator tool as one way of putting social impact measurement into practice.

Social impact measurement is important because people will make better choices if they understand what impact their actions have. Although much progress has been made in terms of measuring impact on profit and planet, organisations still have trouble including social impact measurements in their decision making process. This has serious consequences, especially for organisations that have a mission to create social impact. Many of these organisations do not look beyond input (e.g. the money that has been collected for drilling wells) or output (the wells that have been constructed). Only a few organisations have been able to include its social impact (the value that the women place on the well, because they no longer have to walk ten miles a day).

Involving your stakeholders and measuring social impact will change the way you think, the way you work and ultimately improve your impact. By understanding that social impact matters, organisations can focus their activities and improve their strategy.

Register for the workshop:

22 July: Mumbai
24 July: Singapore
26 July: Beijing
29 July: Hong Kong

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