May eNews: Discover the power of networks

This edition of WINGS Dispatch is about networks. We learn more each day how important they are, and we’re proud to be part of a growing global network that truly affects change, from small villages to larger communities, to nation states and beyond. We stress the role of partnerships in our report from the UN Special Policy Dialogue, and we recap the Global Philanthropy Forum, AVPN and Philanthropy New Zealand Conferences—resounding the successes and ongoing challenges in the sector. We have an exciting lineup of global events, a number of new opportunities from the network, and this month we give a special welcome to our newest member, Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA). It’s also the perfect time to think about WINGSForum 2014. In just 10 months our flagship event will harness The Power of Networks, providing a collaborative space where diverse ideas and innovations can flourish. Join us on our website and blog, and keep in contact—we look forward to continue building with you!

News, events, opportunities and more—May eNews here.

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