WINGS Network—Don’t miss the opportunity to be featured in our next report

WINGS strengthens, promotes and provides leadership on the development of philanthropy worldwide. One key aspect of that development is information—the more we know about the philanthropic sector, the more effective we will be at improving decision-making, resource allocation, transparency and accountability. Through our Global Status Reports on Community Foundations and Global institutional Philanthropy Report, WINGS has established a tradition of providing valuable resources to policymakers, philanthropists, nonprofit practitioners, academics and others who seek to strengthen philanthropy.

To advance these efforts, WINGS will launch a new report on Philanthropy Infrastructure at WINGSForum 2014 (27-29 March, Istanbul). Previous research points to a relationship between the availability of support organisations and growth in the sector; we will further analyse the role of these organisations to provide a better picture of philanthropy worldwide as well as insights into the field’s development. With our members’ help, we were able to develop an infographic with a snapshot of our network. A report will include more information that further strengthens the case for philanthropy infrastructure.

WINGS members have the opportunity to be featured in this report. It will help them learn from their peers and better understand the sector, therefore improving their practices and the services they offer to foundations around the world. If you’re a WINGS member, we’re looking for information about your organisation. All you have to do is login to the WINGS website and access your existing profile. It will be populated with information you previously provided—just update it and complete any missing information. The more complete your profile, the better the picture of philanthropy infrastructure will be!

If you have any questions about the survey questions or login information, don’t hesitate to contact Ana Pinho, Knowledge Management Coordinator.

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