video: CIVICUS 2013 State of Civil Society report

Second edition of the State of Civil Society report produced by CIVICUS, World Alliance for Citizen Participation:

This report is not ours alone. The 2013 State of Civil Society report draws from nearly 50 contributions made by people active in civil society all over the world – from our members, friends, partners, supporters and others in the CIVICUS alliance. They contributed 31 new pieces of analysis and thinking on the state of civil society. Our analysis also benefits from 16 responses to a questionnaire from national civil society platforms that are members of either our Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA), or the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP). Together, their contributions, published at, form the full report. Our summary report is a synthesis of this impressive array of perspectives.

Download the full report from the WINGS Knowledge Center here.

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